1.  Fill up the carts with a nice selection of used books.

2.  Make a flyer and print it out to attach to the carts. (Keep draft in digital file.)

     It will read along these lines:  "Used Library Books for Sale.  Make Donation Inside."

3.  Keep a handy container of some sort inside for the buyers to deposit money into.

4.  As an opening duty, employee comfortably wheels carts onto the library sidewalk.

5.  As a closing duty, employee wheels them just inside front door where they stay the night.

6.  When books look low and disorderly, toss on some more books - choice selections in view.

7.  Friends of the Library collects the money; no confusing income with grant monies.

8.  Spend the money frequently for the odd and needed thing that grants won't purchase.

9.  If there are book sales at the Plaza or museum, etc., take carts and dollies and do not carry across

     the street or from the cars.

10. Never worry about people stealing books. They are helping with the relocation process and it really

     doesn't happen very often.  People spend a great deal of time browsing and reading on the sidewalk.

11.  Some people donate a lot and some less than others.  It adds up! 

                                                                                                    - Paul Johnson